Friday, May 8, 2009

Enough is enough, Chaotic Perak

Enough is enough!!!

The so called " PR ", please give back the peach to the people of Perak.
308 you won the election, so BN gave way for you to form the Govt. even thought you are only securing a 3 seats majority. Believe it, just 3 seats yet it's still majority. Happily you ruled for almost a year.

Then goes your spiritual head, power crazy Anwar, going all out, trying to topple the BN Central Govt. with a tactic he used years back in Sabah, toppling the PBS. He gave all the dates, and the most seriou of all is 916. Just imagine, he's trying to buy over not only 3 but multiple of 11, a total of 33 seats.

God is great, he failed, or else Malaysia will be in the worse situation in the world.
So with that and the quality, sense of belonging of their representatives and their leaders own doing, ( thinking that they are great and over joyed with victory ) 3 went off to declare indepadents and supported the BN. Only then, they waited up by then it's a bit too late.

Knowing that they had lost the 3 seats majority, looked up for the Sultan's help to declare re-election.But the Sultan rejected so that's goes the BM's and the State Cabinets. After interviewing the 3 indepadents and all the BN YBs, the Sultan then made Zambly the Mentri Besar.

To those in the PR, please take it. After making some noises and protests, it's high time to accept it and return peace and order to Perak. Learn from this expensive lesson in Perak and let the state enjoy the prosperity and peace that follow. A mistake is a mistake, take it and learn from it.

Give back the peaceful demoncracy Malaysia enjoy, and your act and reaction is NOT a Malaysian culture. Just be a Malaysian, live a Malaysian way of life, and rejects all those illegal practices found only in countries else where.