Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear brother yapchongyee & positive thinker,

I admit, BN did made some mistakes. After ruling the country from 1957, some bad apples in the BN basket were uncommon. Same goes to PAS and DAP, and even this newly born PKR; it's not easy to x-ray all party members and their intention and purposes.

But, for all that I read, it's seems that Anwar is the sole hope for the country! Are you trying to tell us that it's only Anwar who can unite and make this country a better plaace to stayin?

For God's sake, please wake up and please check back all he had done during his days as DPM in BN. CAn you please identify those great work of his? It's Anwar and his policy that goes if unchecked will change the educational system of Malaysia and the worse of all is his intention to team up with US ( indirectly sell of Malaysia ) just because he's too eager to be the PM for Malaysia fast.

CAn we, Malaysian, accept this leader ( jailed not because of his political idealogy or belief ) as our Prime Minister ?

If your answer is Yes, then I really salute you for being so modern and open minded. He can say anything and paint good pictures for all to see; and he will go all out just to achieve his goal, PM for Malaysia.

Still remember 916? What was him and the Chinese 'chowkow' Chua going full force to achieve? Worse of all, followed till Taiwan and proudly announced that he managed to contact some of the BN Parliamentarians and they agreed to crosse over.

So, please for the good of Malaysia, please think three time before action.