Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Penanti by election

KOTA KINABALU, May 5 — The BN supreme council will decide whether the party should contest the Penanti State seat in Penang on May 31, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.
“I don’t think it (Penanti) is only an Umno issue because when we contest, we do so on the Barisan Nasional ticket. “We are in no hurry to decide. We are a party that works very hard to look after the people’s welfare,” he said at a press conference, here today.
Najib, who is also the BN chairman, said the decision on the BN’s position on Penanti would be made in the near future.

So the BN is still not decided if BN should contest in the above by election.

To me, there's no reason why BN shouldn't be in!

Although BN lost the Penang State Govt. to the PR after 308, and the few by elections that followed were not to the BN favour except one in Sarawak. Still this is not good enough to be out of the race with PR.

1) Being the ruling party, Central Govt. BN has every responsibility to stand in what ever by
election hold in Malaysia. It's BN's responsibility to provide the Raayat with a better
candidate as YB to serve them better.

2) If Penanti is the strong hold of PR, the BN's team should work even harder and serve the
people more promptly.

3) Why must BN just give away a seat to PR ? Are we admitting that BN is not good complearing
to PR? BN should instead go all out to contest even with the slightest winning posibility.

4) Although BN is the opposition party in the State; but even then BN should not follow what PR
had done. PR used to boycotted this and that election and even make issue out of the
constituancies they contested. Saying that the Election Com. is not fair and bias and lots of
unfair doings; but the moment the seat is won, everything is forgotten. Then the whole
process will be repeated later on.

5) BN lost the Penanti in 308, but BN should not forget, BN is not 100% wipe out. There're still
thousands of supporters on BN's side; so BN shouldn't just leave their supporters go helpless.
If BN is not contesting, then how should BN's supporters vote? Voting for PR? or voting for
independants? BN should not creates an opportunity for supporters to go astray.

6) Whether BN win or lost in Penanti that's not very importnat at all, it's not going to change to
Penanag State Govt.; but instead it serves as an indicator to BN; and this might be able to
provide a better and clearier path for BN to persuit

7) However, should Umno is firm not to contest the seat, then it might be good for BN to pick an
Indian or Chinese candidate. This can serve as an opportunity to sent in a non Malay to the
state for the opposition and another move to prove that BN is for all Malaysian. BN might be
able to win back some non Malay tickets.