Friday, May 1, 2009

No clear leader in PR

"Pakatan Rakyat" was formed out of the dark blue sky 308.

Is this a good partnership of sincere coalitions? No!!!
1) PKR was formed just to fight for Anwar ( almost made the PM of Malaysia ) and his group of
supporters who losed all their power and position in the BN Govt. and together with this they
losed all their "political wealth".
2) DAP with his leader ( LKS ) desperately but failed to be make the CM of Malacca & Penang.
Knowing that age is against him then he made his son LGE, the Secretary General of DAP,
taking over his role and " 發揚光大“his family's political business. LGE after analysing the
political situation, knowing that there's no chance to regain the peoples support in Malacca, he
came over to Penang to try his luck. God is with him this time, because the Hindraf indians
gave him a helping hand and with the then released PKR so called leader, Anwar's influence he
made it. And today, he is the CM for Penang.
3) PAS, a persistant muslim group who constantly fight for an Islamic nation in Malaysia.

With these parties together, and without a stronge and firm political & idealogical goal, there's no way they can formed a good coliation like BN.

Two of them fight with the slogan 'multi racial' but what have they done that proves that they are 'multi racial'? PKR is Malay based and promised the Malay community that they will a Muslim state with PAS if given the mandate by the people.

DAp, Chinese based, claimed that they are able to rule with iron hand; but this is true? They are the puppets for Anwar. Working accordingly to Anwar's needs and wants.

PAS promised to put aside their fight for a Muslim state and claimed that they for the welfare of the general public.

HOw can we beief in such a group of politicians ( PR )???

They forgotten their pleadge to the people and their word to the general public.

So, if you asked me, there's no qualify leader in PR that can be make the PM for Malaysia.

Anwar? I am sorry, he is not suit to be one representing all Malaysian. I'm still a bit too old fashion; I can't take one that go for the 'BACK' as my PM.