Saturday, May 2, 2009

BN Cabinet- Well done on the convert issue

At last, the cabinet decided and made the best logical solution to those non muslim embrasing Islam as their faith and the status of their under age children.

I highly praised the BN for this decision, and thanks to Najib, the new Prime Mininster, who really go all out to change for the better for the good of all Malaysian and the nation.

In this modern world, intermarriage between different races and religions will just occured when ever cupits striked. The same happenning, problem and incident will be repeated time and again. So since the Cabinet had decided, it's high time for the decision be passed by Parliament and make it a legal standing for the nation.

DAP, where are you this moment? Why are you keeping quite at theis critical moment? It's not your true self as you buck all the while even now that your are in power in Penang.

Your Chairman, Karpal had made his stand, so how about the Lim family now ? It's high time for the Lim family to make their stand and tell PAS to peace off.

How about PKR and Anwar? There's no more room for you to hide yourself under the PAS's salong. Make your announcement to the whole world and distant yourself from PAS as well. How about all our Chinese & Indian brothers in PKR? Please don't stay on in PR just because you have some post to hang on; I understand you had struggle for too long and it's pain in the ass just to give up. Soory you have now better choice for the benifit of all non muslim. Please wake up now for the good of the nation and One Malaysia.

Dear all, please distant yourself from PAS, as their political struggle in Malaysia is to make this country a Ismalic State. Should this be achieved together with PKR and DAP, the Federal Constitution will be drastically amended and this nation will be gone and never return to a HAPPY MALAYSIA as today.