Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hallo, Dr Chua,

What are you trying to achieve by giving such a piece of press statement??? Should you need to go, just leave peacefully with your young and up coming son.

Please let the party (MCA) who gave you and your son all the chances to proved your abililty and served, stay in peace. MCA will be too happy to let you go and prosper else where.

Yes, the opposition parties in the PR will needs your experience because they are short of talents and although they condemed BN yet they still steal and need all those that's rejected by BN. You'll make them feel much better.... and will stay on happily for a while.

Believe me, You might be made the Deputy in PKR but not DAP. PKR will take you with open armed because Anwar will be just to happy to have you, and 2 together will make a good couple. However, just a piece of advice, please take good care of your back; or else there'll be another scandle soon.

DAP might not be able to give a good and promising position because it's only for the Lim family, ( all the good leaders in DAP will have to leave somedays, jsut look back at history ). You're too aggressive so the Lims will have to be too careful not to give you the slightest chance to topple their family business.

To me, a MCA grass root; i feel very very sad. If your excuse of " not able to perform " then you'll have to leave; so how about the million of us in the MCA? Without any Govt. post to hold and working with the grass root leaders not geting anything sweets from either the party or the Govt. Worse of all, we had donated for the activities we held and welfare work that we supported. Are we stupid? Are you telling us that all of us should the the political parties we're in???

Just to wake you up, it's our responsibility to work and contribute for the betterment of all Chinese in Malaysia. We fight for our religion, chinese education & culture, and all Malaysian as a whole. Not for the Minister post in Cabinet.

Wishing you best of luck with 安華。