Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mansor Othman as Penang DCM1

PENANG, June 3 — Penanti state assemblyman Mansor Othman was sworn in today as Penang deputy chief minister I before the Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas at his Seri Mutiara official residence here.

Mansor, 59, was handed his letter of appointment and proceeded to take the oath of office and loyalty and the pledge not to divulge official secrets.

Congratulation YB Mansor, at last, after years of struggle, you're at the top of the Penang State Govt.

But, to start with, I hope and wish that you're really betttttter of then your ex Fairus; please make sure that you're really working for the ra'ayat.

Fairus is young, so he can says that he's going for further study, but what's the excuses that you give???

Early retirement? Health reason?? Giving more time for the family??? PKR is not your choice???? Unable to work with LGE????? etc........

There're tons of reasons you'll be capable of giving; but for the good faith and future of Penang, I hope and pray that you really work for the ra'ayat.

Please look into:

1) the economy of Penang,

2) try to lobby for more international companies to come over and invest in Penang.

3) Creates more job opportunities ( LGE had failed because he goes for only cheap publicity & politicalling)

4) Help those retrench workers, retrain for new job opportunity

So, please work with your heart for the benefit of ra'ayat and not your pocket and wealth.
Please for god sake, no more by-election as Fairus did.