Saturday, July 18, 2009

So CJM crossed to PKR at last. Blessed him with the best of luck and do hope that he achieved his dreamed goal.

Nobody can says, demands and stops you from progressing in your political life; if there's no platform ( as claimed by most outst political leaders ) for you in MCA, then it's should be fair if PKR can provide you a space, opportunity and platform to further your politaical career.

God blessed you.

For PKR and PR for that matter, I feel that you should be more professional and be more sensitive to the members enrolled.

You're just like a politaical dumping ground ! Just look back to all your members, most of them were rejected by BN for one resson or another. Can't you just enrol new and yound promising professionals, who really fight for the benefit of all Malaysian?

No wonder, PKR and PR were faced with tons of problems after 308! Remember, all you recruited were rubbish in the BN basket!!! So do you think you can perform better then BN???? If you're able to equal to BN then you should be very thankful to GOD!

The ra'ayat is looking for a better Govt. then BN and not another political group ( keep on buying over those rubbish from BN ) who don't even know what they wanted to do for the nation. And depanded on those rejected politicians ( with their bad experience ) from BN.