Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ex--MIC vice president Datuk S.S. Subramaniam into PKR

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim succeeded today in bringing into PKR ex-MIC vice president Datuk S.S. Subramaniam and the members of 12 MIC branches.

So it's ex-MIC deputy, S.S.Subramaniam's turn to be admitted into PKR fold. Together with him were some 2,500 members from 10 MIC branches within Petaling Jaya and Meru, Klang.

Again, I'll have to say, this is the onlyparty " PKR " , unable to recruit new and energetic members but to enrol old and rejected rubbish from BN.

Still remember 916??? This is the only good thing that Anwar is capable of!!!

He failed to buy & turn over the 30 oughts BN's Parliamentarian, and thus failed to topple the Central Govt. ( despite their continous efford and even took the trouble to follow the BNs' till Taiwan)

Unable to make himself the master of Putra Jaya with the help of the BN's MPs, now he's trying the same technique to steal over the rubbish from BN, hoping that he might be able to strike gold and get a goal in one.
How can you and your men perform?? Are you sure you can be better off then BN??? Are you sure you can fight corruption better then BN???? Are you sure we Malaysians will be having equal rights as you said?????

Check out at all your PR controlled States; you should be better off then me to know how corrupted are they??? How well they performed???? How stubborn they acted????? Do you think they've feeling for the ra'ayat?????

To tell you the truth, they failed to be a good Govt. !!!!! Should you need to have score then I'll rate them @ 4!!!!!!

So, please for God sake, please recruits the young and new proffesionals and promising leaders; leave the BN's aside whether from the Govt. or their ex.