Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did Anwar appolozised ?

Did Anwar appolozised? I's only Anwar, LGE & God knows.

Anyway, that's no important. The most important thing is LGE must be happy and can live with it. I think so because the father LKS also claimed that Anwar did apolozised.( like father like son )

Since DAP & LGE after winning so many seats in Penang still can't do a good job ( just rubbish ) and had to steal talents from Gerakan & Umno; even till todate another 2. Do you know what he claimed? "He is fair and he gave opportunity to all talents regardless of back group and they come from. What a shame, just admit straight that there' no talent from PR. Just the DCM1, he was helpless and had to past it to Anwar to appoint & announce.

I do feel that it's high time to give Anwar the opportunity to get into the Penang Assembly and make himself the CM of Penang. Let see if a Penang guy can be a better CM comparing to this Malacca boy.

This can be a training ground for him as well, to become the PM one day if only if he lives long enough and his 'huli' tail kept intact.

For LGE, it should be OK, after all since day one 308, Anwar is the man who made him the CM. He was given the chair to sit but the not the power to rule.

He can be a good follower, so let him be Anwar's DCM1 instead. He should be happy & contended with it.