Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dearest follow Malaysian Hindraf brothers and sisters, yes, you have made your first move and it really striked the BN on 308.

Now that it's 13 months gone and PR had are in 5 states but what can they do? Do they really take good care of the Indian community? Any positive reactions and bills introduced by them?
If you were to ask me, there's none except some kachang puteh here & there. Is this what you ( Hindraf ) fight for?

Now that Najib is the PM; you have done your part and the BN is awaken by this Hindraf lightning. So before Hindraf disintegrates ( 4 groups as it's mentioned ) I felt that it's high time Hindraf goes back to the BN as a solid group. Goes back as a "united Hindraf" then only you have the bargain power.

Neogotiate for your needs and wants:-1) Tamils Schools2) Hindu temples, land issues3) Indian dropout from schools4) Indian social problems. povelty, medication, jobs5) Modernization ( estates converted to housing and industrial parks ) and estates problem6) Minimium wages..etc...etc...

Plesase don't follow as the Chinese do; broken groups from MCA, Geraken, PPP, DAP and some even goes to the dever ( Anwar ) group PKR.

Do you belief that Anwar can be a good PM for all Malaysian????No! No! No!
He fights for his own cause; trying hard to make himself the PM for Malaysia which he was almost there.